for those glam gals

You were blessed with beautiful features, but you like to express yourself just a bit more than most. I want to take your stunning canvas and make a masterpiece.

for those spicy & spunky chicks

You flaunt that beauty and sass daily. I am here to just make that easier. Why not wake up with beautiful brows or lips? Get out there and show the world who you are a little bit quicker.

we have not forgotten about the men

Why should the girls have all the fun! Come in and let me fine tune those brows. Maybe work a bit of magic on that hairline. With men, it’s all about the illusion. I want you to leave looking fresh faced and handsome. The trick is to do it in a natural way. We want the people around you to think “WOW, he looks amazing”, and not be able to pinpoint exactly why.

clean slate

Have some old ink? Maybe some semi-permanent makeup done that did not last or has changed? How about a scar or stretch marks you would like to tame? I can help you wipe the slate clean, and tame the marks that either time, life or kids have left. From there we can work together to add something fresh or you can leave feeling better about your beautiful skin.

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