about pigment perfected

I was born and raised in the UP of Michigan. I was also blessed to live on the water for most of my life. There was not a single day of Summer where I was not swimming, skiing, or playing in it. In Winter, it was ski hills and snow shoeing. I also played sports throughout high school and was on the regional swim team. Needless to say, once I began to wear makeup, there wasn’t a day that went by where I didn’t at some point sport a lovely set of racoon eyes. What I would have given to have the luxury of semi-permanent makeup! Swim all day, look beautiful with perfect brows and blushing lips. Take off my ski helmet and goggles and flutter lovely lashes and seamless brows. Instead, it was black streaks down my cheeks, purple blue lips from the cold, and bushy unkept brows. We all know the image. We have all been there.

But LADIES. And Gentlemen, NO MORE!! Our goal is to provide you with modern and always improving semi-permanent makeup in the form of microblading and micropigmentation. We also offer scalp micropigmentation for those ladies and gents wishing to improve hairlines, or add the illusion of volume to thinning hair. For those mamas out there whose little darlings have left behind reminders of their time in the womb, we offer micro and dry needling, with the option of camouflage to relax stretchmarks and blend color. How about those of us with scars from one adventure or another? Let me relax them so they lay flatter and have a more natural color. Are you one of the brave souls who is fighting or has won a battle with Cancer or another life changing illness. Does your skin still prove as a reminder? I can camouflage and improve color, as well as recreate for you.

I love this field I find myself in. There is no greater joy than to see the faces of my clients after I have finished working. Whether its some new and beautiful brows, pouty ombre lips, or eyeliner that is the cats meow. It fills my heart to hear and watch your confidence soar as you look in the mirror after I move your hairline up 10 years, or add volume to your thinning hair. There truly is nothing better than helping you match the outside beauty to the inside beauty that flows out of all of you.

I am a firm believer in continued education. I am always on the lookout for new products and techniques to offer and learn. I have put the time in to learn and hon my craft in an effort to offer you only the best services. I have traveled all over the US and Canada to receive training and certification and to study under the leaders in our industry.

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